About Leadership Finance ®


The Imperative

The demands and complexities in business require highly skilled and experienced people who are up for the task of embracing an ever-changing market landscape. Compounding these demands, traditional markets which have been historically protected by geographic and other competitive boundaries are now open to competition from various fronts as barriers erode due to technological advancements, solutions innovations, international competition and even new Cloud technologies.

In the wake of this ever-evolving climate of change, companies require leadership that understands these complexities and has the skills to execute effectively. This requires leaders with the knowledge of today, foresight into the trends of tomorrow, and the confidence and enthusiasm that they will attain success by implementing the right business strategies.

The Opportunity

The foundation of leadership includes knowledge, competency in functional areas, strategic thinking ability and the ability to execute in a competitive environment. But the leverage point for the most successful leaders is their ability to influence others into controlled actions that support the overall business strategy of a company. The need to successfully influence others includes a company’s own personnel that are contributors to a solution, as well as external resources where key insights and relationships can be an advantage. These external relationships include customers, vendors, suppliers, specialized service providers, regulators, and media to name a few of the key stakeholders to the success of a company’s operations.

To quote the author John C Maxwell, “Leadership is Influence”. This starts with the foundations of leadership mentioned above and is leveraged through relationships. When relationships are created and managed in the proper fashion, influence is created which can be channeled to support a leader’s business objectives.

Why Leadership Finance ® ?

Finance in business has been referred to as the life blood of a company which lubricates all the working parts, and without it, a company cannot operate. So the importance of finance cannot be underplayed in the success of business. Finance’s contributions to strategies of a company are likewise integral to its success and imperative contributions to the design of all key aspects of a company’s operations. This demand requires finance professionals to be more than functional specialists. They must be good stewards, knowledge bearers, creative thinkers, business advisors, and influencers of action of others.

Leadership Finance ® recognizes that current and future financial leaders require influential relationships with the broader finance community to be successful. To be most successful in these relationships, financial leaders need to know
• which relationships are most valuable,
• what value can be derived from those relationships,
• how value can be best obtained from the relationships.

TThe Leadership Finance ® program recognizes that the best place to learn about how to deal with these necessary business relationships is to learn from the experts in their area of finance. It is designed to bring the participant face-to-face with key leaders in the financial community to initiate a relationship and to provide education on how to best deal with these vital resources. Participants leave with knowledge of the discipline, a relationship with key leaders, an understanding of how to deal with the discipline, and the confidence to engage and influence providers of those services at appropriate times to achieve success in their business.