Leadership Finance ® Program

The finance function in business is integral to the success and design of all key strategies of a company’s operations. This demands today’s finance professionals to be more than functional specialists. They must be good stewards, knowledge bearers, creative thinkers, business advisors and, to be most effective, they must be in the trusted position to influence the actions of others.

Leadership Finance ® is a unique program which provides executive level finance professionals a foundation for building and broadening their knowledge of finance from an execution perspective which utilizes relationships in the broader finance community as the catalyst for learning, confidence in negotiations and achieving an important level of influence in their business dealings.

The best place to learn and establish the necessary knowledge and business relationships is from the experts in key areas of finance. Leadership Finance ® is designed to bring the participant face-to-face with key leaders in the financial community to initiate a relationship and to provide education on how to best deal with these vital resources. Participants leave with knowledge of the discipline, a relationship with key leaders, an understanding of how to deal with the discipline, and the confidence to engage and influence providers of those services at appropriate times to achieve success in their business.


Please contact nominate@mccrackenalliance.com or call 770-696-5312 or (877) 663-2967.

Participants for each series are selected from those applicants who meet the appropriate qualifications to be considered for the program.

Program Disclaimer and Liability Release

Nominations Categories

  • - Company Sponsored where a company is nominating a preferred finance professional and paying the costs associated with the program;
  • - Company Recommended where a company is nominating a preferred finance professional and the nominee will pay the associated costs of the program;
  • - Alumni Nomination where an alumni is nominating a preferred financial professional
  • - Financial Leadership Network Nominee where a nominee is part of a University sponsored Financial Leadership Network
  • - Self Nomination where a person nominates themselves (requires 2 letters of recommendation; other nominations are granted priority participation)

Nomination Process

Space is limited to 25 participants. Nominations of candidates for the 2014 Series will be processed in order of receipt. The tuition for the Program will be invoiced to the noted billing address subsequent to candidate acceptance into the Program.

To nominate a candidate, please contact nominate@mccrackenallinace.com or call McCracken Alliance at 770-696-5312 or (877) 663-2967.

Once nominations are submitted, the candidate submissions will be reviewed in accordance with the Selection Committee Review Process and Criteria described herein below.

How Does The Program Work?

The core of Leadership Finance ® is a nine month program offering a series of unique executive level experiences geared to the finance professional to both enhance one’s career through building relationships as well as create influence within your industry and profession. Approximately twenty-five established finance executives are chosen for each program series. Participants meet monthly with some of the leading thinkers and proven leaders in the finance community in sessions designed to:
1) broaden one’s base of understanding of various aspects of the finance professional,
2) explore those relationships that are critical to a successful finance professional, and
3) build relationships to create a foundation of influence within the finance community.

There are 9 sessions in the Series along with several alternative optional sessions. (Note: For participants to earn the Leadership Finance ® 2013 Certificate of Completion, they must attend at least 7 sessions – slated and/or alternative sessions.)

Meetings included in the nine-month program:

  • - Series of seven two-hour luncheon/breakfast leadership training sessions at onsite service provider venues, where the participants will meet the executive leadership of these companies who will share how to gain the greatest value from services offered in their industry and insights into how to most effectively access those resources and in the most cost effective manner.
  • - Invitation to two Financial Leadership Network Meetings, sponsored by leading universities, where participants will benefit from the finance discussions in the sessions, plus they will meet many of the most successful financial leaders in industry from the business community.
  • - Invitation to attend a Financial Leadership Summit.
  • - Invitation to attend the Leadership Finance ® Award Banquet in honor of the participants who complete the program requirements.

What Finance Related Disciplines are Targeted in the Program?

The finance function of a company comes under the responsibility and authority of the Board, Executive Leadership and the Office of the CFO. Although companies may vary in how they catalogue roles and responsibilities of finance professionals in their organizations, the following broad categories are considered the finance related functions where key relationships are beneficial to current and aspiring finance leaders.

In the wake of this ever-evolving climate of change, companies require leadership that understands these complexities and has the skills to execute effectively. This requires leaders with the knowledge of today, foresight into the trends of tomorrow, and the confidence and enthusiasm that they will attain success by implementing the right business strategies.

Finance Functional Area

  • Strategic Transactions and Financial Strategy
  • Controllership
  • Treasury
  • Capital Structure
  • Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Information Systems
  • Risk Management
  • Other Corporate Activities

Key External Relationships

  • Strategy Consultant, Investment Banker
  • Compensation & Benefits Consultant
  • Bank, Cash Management, Investment Manager, Investment Advisor
  • Investment Banker
  • Professional Services Firm
  • IT Consultants, Software Advisor
  • Insurance Brokers, Professional Services Firm
  • Law Firms, Executive Search, Human Resources

Program Cost

Cost of The Program varies by market. Contact McCracken Alliance LLC for more information.